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Perfect health and relaxation massager for CEO, Busy Professionals, Managers, Leaders and Luxury Enthusiast

Luxury, Massage Therapy, and Health Assistance – all in one product. Experience this medical breakthrough machine today.

This massage chair features a smart body scan function, 24 auto modes, and an LED display for your convenience and comfort, it also offers a zero gravity sleep system, 4D deep massage system, and a luxurious design that will make you feel like royalty.

“Expensive but good. If you like using these chairs at least a couple of times per week, I recommend it.
massage strength is very good, heads feel more natural than in other chairs. It massages from head to below your lower back. Chair looks good and, while it needs space, when you recline it it does not need much more space. Comes with Bluetooth integration. Air bags provide the right amount of pressure.

– Mr Emmanuel

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Increase Your Productivity and Wellness Join Business Owners, Top Executives, Leaders of thoughts and Highly Successful People and get your zero gravity Executive Massage Chair

Your Excellency

As you begin to read this message, you’ll soon realize that you’ve always wanted to own an executive massage chair, because you are someone who prioritizes luxury and wellness.

Well, your search ends here, as we introduce to you an extraordinary piece of  medical innovation – a full body executive massage chair with recliner

Gone are the days of settling for partial massages that leave certain areas untouched. Because with our executive massage chair, you can say goodbye to back pain and discomfort. The advanced LCD screen auto scan technology ensures that your back, arms, legs, waist, and hips are effectively exercised at the same time, providing relief without compromise.


Imagine yourself fully relaxed inside your luxury massage chair, feeling the tension in your muscles melt away, as you float in the air, forgetting about any life stress or business issue. The automatic intelligent sensors helps to detect your body’s contours and deliver precise massage therapy, ensuring that every inch of your body is pampered and rejuvenated..

But there is more…..

This chair is not your average piece of furniture. It is designed to mimic the feeling of weightlessness in space, by elevating your feet above your heart, thereby reducing pressure on your spine and promoting circulation which is a very important function for maintaining balance and reducing of back pains.

This Executive Massage Chair provides full-body coverage, from your neck and shoulders to your back, waist, and legs. It’s like having your own personal masseuse at your fingertips.

And let’s not forget about the  new advanced technology that comes with model – a LCD screen control panel and a built-in Bluetooth speakers, Now, you can easily customize your massage settings while enjoying your favorite music or podcast. The soothing sounds and gentle vibrations will transport you to a world of tranquility, where stress and tension are mere memories.


Benefits include:

1. Unwind and Destress: The Executive Massage Chair is specifically designed to alleviate stress and tension. Its advanced massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, and shiatsu, target key pressure points in your body, releasing muscle tension and promoting deep relaxation.

2. Full-Body Relief: Experience the ultimate in comfort and relief with the Executive Massage Chair’s full-body coverage. From your neck and shoulders to your back, waist, and legs, every inch of your body will be pampered and revitalized. Feel the tension melt away as the chair’s intelligent sensors detect your body’s contours and deliver precise massage therapy.

3. Zero Gravity Recline: Elevate your relaxation to new heights with the zero gravity recline feature. This position allows for optimal spinal alignment and reduces pressure on your back, promoting better blood circulation and relieving strain on your muscles and joints. Experience a weightless sensation as you drift into a state of pure bliss.

4. Advanced Technology: The Executive Massage Chair is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your massage experience. With an intuitive control panel, you can easily customize your massage settings to suit your preferences. Connect your devices to the chair’s built-in Bluetooth speakers and immerse yourself in soothing music or guided meditations for a truly immersive experience.

5. Luxurious Design: Crafted with elegance and sophistication, the Executive Massage Chair adds a touch of luxury to any space. Its sleek design seamlessly blends into your home or office environment, making it a statement piece that complements your sophisticated lifestyle.

But perhaps you’re thinking, “I already have a massage chair at home, so why should I invest in this one?” Well, let me address some potential objections:

  • Objection: “It’s too expensive.” While our chair may have a higher price point than some other massage chairs, consider the long-term benefits it will provide to your health and wellbeing. Plus, our chair is built to last, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.
  • Objection: “I don’t have space for it.” Our chair is designed to fit in any room of your home, and its compact size won’t take up too much space. Plus, the benefits you’ll receive from the chair are well worth finding a spot for it in your home.
  • Objection: “I don’t have time to use it.” With our chair’s customizable massage options, you can choose the mode and intensity level that works for you, whether you have 15 minutes or an hour to spare. Plus, using our chair can help you relax and reduce stress, making you more productive and focused in the long run.

Don’t let stress and tension hold you back from reaching your full potential. Take the first step towards ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation by bringing the Executive Massage Chair into your life. Experience the transformative power it offers and unlock a world of unparalleled comfort and well-being.

Why is this chair perfect for the elite and a perfect gift for your spouse?

Bespoke Relaxation

From over 10 meticulously designed massage modes to tailor-made intensities — every facet of this chair exudes luxury, offering an experience befitting those with the most refined tastes.

The chair’s intuitive control panel, adorned with touch-responsive technology, ensures your relaxation is just a tap away.

Meet John

As an executive who has scaled the summit of his profession, John knows the value of the finest things in life. He doesn’t compromise on quality, whether in boardroom decisions or personal luxuries. That’s why, when backaches from high-pressure meetings became a daily challenge, he sought the best solution.

Mrs. Ify, VGC

I am a female executive CEO and recently made the best decision by purchasing the Executive Massage Chair. As a leader in a fast-paced and demanding industry, self-care and relaxation often take a backseat. However, this incredible massage chair has completely transformed my well-being.

The moment I sink into the plush upholstery and activate the zero gravity function, I feel an immediate sense of relief and weightlessness. The chair’s advanced massage nodes target every inch of my body, releasing tension and melting away stress. It’s like having a personal masseuse available at any time, right in the comfort of my office.

Not only does the Executive Massage Chair provide physical relaxation, but it also enhances my mental clarity and focus. After a session in the chair, I feel recharged and ready to tackle any challenges that come my way. It’s become an essential part of my self-care routine, allowing me to prioritize my well-being amidst a demanding schedule.

The customizable features of the chair are truly impressive. I can choose from a variety of massage techniques and intensities, tailoring each session to my specific needs. The built-in heating function adds an extra level of comfort and relaxation, soothing my muscles and promoting a sense of tranquility.

Investing in the Executive Massage Chair has been a game-changer for me as a female executive CEO. It not only takes care of my physical and mental well-being but also serves as a reminder to prioritize self-care in the midst of a busy professional life. I highly recommend this chair to any fellow female executives who are looking for a way to unwind, recharge, and elevate their overall well-being.”


“I love this massage chair and everyone who visits us gives it a try and wants one. It’s loaded with canned programs and it’s also very customizable to your needs. This chair has all the latest features including yoga stretch, calf rollers, and heat.” 

– Colonel B


Here’s a reminder of why our Executive Massage Chair is the perfect addition for your productivity and ultimate relaxation:

1. Unmatched Luxury: Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury with our Executive Massage Chair. Crafted with the finest materials and exquisite attention to detail, it exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a statement piece in any executive setting.

2. Tailored Relaxation: Designed to cater to your specific needs, our chair offers a range of customizable massage options. From gentle kneading to deep tissue therapy, you can personalize your massage experience to target stress points and alleviate tension, ensuring optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.

3. Time-Saving Convenience: As an executive or busy individual, time is a precious commodity. Our Executive Massage Chair allows you to enjoy the benefits of a professional massage without leaving your home or office. Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency as you unwind and recharge at your convenience.

4. Health and Well-being: The demands of an executive lifestyle can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Our massage chair offers numerous health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle stiffness, and enhanced stress relief. Invest in your health and prioritize self-care with our Executive Massage Chair.

5. Quality Time Together: The Executive Massage Chair is not only perfect for you but also for your spouse. Imagine spending quality time together, side by side, enjoying the soothing massage and reconnecting after a long day. Create cherished moments of relaxation and intimacy with this exceptional chair.

Recently Installed Massage Chair

“My busy schedule as an active king and the stress from my active period of being a VC had some effect on my body, but since I bought this massage chair, I have experienced an overall healthy lifestyle and a stress free body.”



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As a owner of a Spa and Wellness Center

As the owner of a thariving spa center, I recently made an investment that has truly elevated the experience for our clients – the purchase of a top-of-the-line massage chair. This addition to our spa has been nothing short of a game-changer.

Our clients’ satisfaction and well-being are always our top priority, and the massage chair has allowed us to take their relaxation journey to new heights. The moment they sink into the chair’s plush upholstery and experience the advanced massage techniques, their stress and tension begin to melt away.

The massage chair has become a star attraction at our spa center. Clients rave about the customized massage programs, which cater to their individual needs and preferences. Whether they’re seeking a gentle and soothing experience or a more invigorating and deep-tissue massage, the chair delivers exceptional results.

The zero gravity positioning feature has been a particular favorite among our clients. As they recline into this position, they feel an immediate sense of weightlessness and relaxation. It truly adds an extra layer of luxury and tranquility to their spa experience.


Not only has the massage chair enhanced the well-being of our clients, but it has also had a positive impact on our business. Word-of-mouth referrals have increased as clients share their incredible experiences with friends and family. The chair has become a key selling point for our spa, attracting new clients who are seeking the ultimate relaxation experience.

Investing in this massage chair has been a wise decision for our spa center. It has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market and provide our clients with an unforgettable experience. We are proud to offer this exceptional amenity and look forward to continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

And don’t forget other suppliers sells this at a price of over #1,800,000 to #2,600,00

As a person who values health and luxury lifestyle, you understand the importance and benefits of massage therapy

This discount price of #1,450,000 only from the original price of #1,850,000 – N2000,000 will be available for just the first 17 Customers like you to place their order, since we have only a few of the ‘one of the greatest discoveries in the health and fitness industry’ as one of our clients called the product in stock.

Discount Ends After The Timer Comes to Zero








Seal of Approval from The Best

Esteemed health professionals, such as Dr. Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic, along with prestigious institutions, underline the therapeutic excellence of our chair. And when icons like Oprah Winfrey, Daymond and Dr. Oz endorse its benefits, you know you’re in elite company.

  Order for your 4d Zero Gravity Massager Chair today, You will be getting a machine that took a combination of Asians Engineers, Medical Professionals and Scientist time to design and manufacture, It also has global patents in more than 25 countries.

So, we are committed to getting yours delivered to your doorstep within 1 -3 days depending on your location for N1,500,000 only

Yes… N1,500,000 only.

Note that this particular model is rare to find in Nigeria, kindly take advantage of the few stock remaining and get yours today

All orders are payment on delivery-which means you don’t pay until you receive the product, however committment fee might required for long distance logistics

Don’t Order if you are not ready to receive in 1-3 Working days as our Delivery services are PREMIUM

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4D Zero Gravity Massage Chairfor premium comfort and relaxation

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